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How to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photography

You don’t need to hire a stylist to make your house look attractive to potential buyers. Just read our tips and invest a little bit of time!

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Trine Bretteville

Are you selling a home and need to sort out your real estate photography?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Heard it before? This old saying certainly applies when selling your home. Potential buyers see numerous ads filled with tempting real estate for sale. So invest some time to bring your home to its full potential before you take your real estate photography and release it on the market.

Buyers often look at pictures and floor plans as the first step in their search. That’s why many sellers hire a professional real estate photographer to shoot beautiful pictures inside and outside their homes.

Before the photographer arrives, you have an important role. It’s generally your responsibility to prepare and style the home for the photographs. A few hours of cleaning, arranging, and decluttering can help you receive beautiful, appealing photographs, for an attractive real estate listing and a faster sale!

Where to Start With Real Estate Photography?

While you do not have to show every part of the house in a real estate listing, most agents and photographers will prioritize these standard images :

It’s a good idea to speak with your real estate agent or photographer to determine which areas of your home will be showcased, then start preparing.

General tips when preparing your home for real estate photography:

Are you selling your home?

Checklist: Top tips on how to prepare for real estate photography – area by area

Exterior, front yard and backyard

Hallway and wardrobe


Living room


Kids & guest bedrooms

Home office


When you have prepared your house, it’s a good idea to ask your real estate agent to come over and take a final look. Most real estate agents have vast experience in this area, are as eager to sell as you are, plus have a different perspective on the home than you have. If the real estate agent says the house is ready – it’s ready – and the photographer can start shooting.

Good luck with your sale!

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