1 Bedroom Apartment Plan Examples

One bedroom apartment plans are popular for singles and couples. Generally sized at around 450 - 750 sq ft (about 45 - 75 m2), this type of floor plan usually includes a living room and kitchen, an enclosed bedroom, and one bathroom. Large or small apartment and condo communities often include 1 bedroom apartment layouts. You’ll also find that a duplex or divided home can consist of two 1 bedroom units. And 1 bedroom is also a popular size for independent living apartments in senior communities.

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Features in a One Bedroom Apartment

Depending on the size of the unit, a 1 bedroom floor plan can contain many valuable features. Take a look through to see which are the most important to you.

  • Entry closet and other closet space. Smaller 1 bedroom apartment floor plans sometimes do not include an entry or hall closet. So, if you appreciate space allocated to storage, you may want to look at layouts closer to the 750 sq ft (75 m2) size. Similarly, if you prefer a walk-in closet in the bedroom, you’ll want to look at larger floor plans.
  • Washer/dryer. Some 1 bedroom apartments may include a place for a built-in washer and dryer. It could be in the bathroom, kitchen, an alcove, or separate room. In smaller apartments, the washer/dryer may be stacked to conserve space, but even so, it sure is convenient to have a unit right in your apartment.
  • Upgraded bathroom. 1 bedroom apartment bathrooms can range from a small size with a compact sink and walk-in shower, to a larger, spa-like area with space for a larger vanity sink plus a full-size bathtub. Another amenity that you may want to look for: access to the bathroom from both the bedroom and the living room. This type of layout is offered in some floor plans and makes it easier to access the bathroom from wherever you are in the apartment.
  • Kitchen amenities. In the kitchen for a 1 bedroom apartment, it’s ideal to have plenty of upper and lower cabinets for extra storage. Another useful option is a counter breakfast bar area for quick meals. Finally, for appliances, while a stove and refrigerator are fairly standard, you may want a layout with a built-in dishwasher or a microwave.
  • Dining area. With a larger 1 bedroom apartment, you may have space for a dining table between the kitchen and living area. Ideally, look for enough space for a 4 person table - a nice size so that you can invite one or more guests over for dinner.
  • Fireplace. If you like to curl up by the fire in the wintertime, then look for apartment floor plans that include a fireplace.
  • Desk or workspace. If you require workspace in your apartment, it’s nice to have a living room that can accommodate at least a small desk area. That way, you don’t have to make your bed before a Zoom call!
  • Balcony. A balcony, patio, or terrace is a nice option on some 1 bedroom apartment plans. This provides a place for a bistro table and outside dining, the ability to grow plants in outdoor pots, and perhaps store a bike or other outdoor items.
  • Windows. As you review 1 bedroom apartment floor plans, be sure to look at how many windows are offered. A 1 bedroom unit is quite a lot brighter and feels more spacious with plenty of windows.

As you review floor plans, think through the most important features for you. Hopefully, you can find all your wishes in one apartment plan.

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