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Credit Price List

Credits are RoomSketcher's premium currency. Use Credits to create projects, generate 3D Floor Plans, 3D Photos and 360 Views. Purchase extra Credits as needed.

Floor Plan Services (Pro only)
Level with 2D Floor Plan 9 $ 17.82 $ 14.95 $13.41
Level with 2D and 3D Floor Plan 10 $19.80 $ 16.61 $14.91
Draw Floor Plans Yourself (VIP and Pro)
Project with 2D Floor Plans 1 $1.98 $ 1.66 $1.49
Add On Products (VIP and Pro)
3D Floor Plan 1 $1.98 $ 1.66 $1.49
3D Photo 1 $1.98 $ 1.66 $1.49
360 View 5 $9.90 $ 8.31 $7.45
Share Live 3D (Annual license) 6 $11.88 $ 9.97 $8.94

You can create a RoomSketcher project in two ways, you can either draw floor plans yourself, or you can order floor plans from us. The Credit cost for a 3D Floor Plan, 3D Photo and 360 View is deducted each time they are generated. A free preview allowing you to tune your output is available for all three products. RoomSketcher Pro users can pay for floor plan orders using Credits, whilst RoomSketcher Free and VIP subscribers pay for floor plan orders using their PayPal account or credit card. Credit cost is subject to change without prior notice.

Credit Refills

Buy more Credits whenever you need. Credits don’t expire as long as you have an active RoomSketcher subscription.

Small bundle


50 Credits

  • $1.98 per Credit
  • 0% savings*

Medium bundle


180 Credits

  • $1.66 per Credit
  • 17% savings*

*Compared to in-app purchase.

All prices are USD and exclusive of Sales Tax (VAT).

For more details see Product Sheet .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)